Bloodflower cover

Cover Reveal! Bloodflower: The Hidden Flames Artifact Book 1

Bloodflower cover

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

Behold the beauty that is K. J. Harrowick’s stunning cover for her debut, BLOODFLOWER!

Y’all, this book is SO good. I first read Bloodflower over two years ago and loved it even then. But K.J. has been hard at work on revisions since and I recently had the chance to read an ARC of the finished version of Bloodflower. I’m not kidding when I say it wowed me. Bloodflower dug its talons in from page 1 and never let go! This book is a must-read for anyone who loves an exciting scifi or fantasy adventure, especially if you love a great romance woven in too.

You can read my full review on Goodreads. Don’t forget to mark it as “Want to Read” while you’re there.


I don’t throw praise around lightly, but I adored this book so much I just had to make it a book trailer:


Ready to snag your copy of Bloodflower?

Bloodflower: The Hidden Flames Artifact

Bloodflower coverBorn into a world of futuristic technology, ecologist Jàden Ravenscraft wields starship fuel like magic but she’s losing control of her power. Marked as a dangerous weapon, she’s trapped in hypersleep for 4000 years and wakes in the backwoods of a terraformed moon. Now she’s determined to find her reincarnated lover and escape back to the stars before her power takes control… or she is found.

Because one life is not the end.

The man she loves has lived more than twenty lives without her, and Jàden’s alone in a world of swords and sorcery. When exiled prison guard Captain Jon Ayers shields her from an attack, Jàden seizes the chance for safety and human connection. Using her magic, she ties her energy to Jon, forging a bond to keep him close to her side.

But Jon is hunted by mercenaries for the pendant he carries, a key to the gateway between worlds, and their bond stirs a desire neither can ignore. Jàden is faced with the hardest choice of her life: between Jon and her reincarnated ex. Saving one lover will destroy the other, and the wrong choice will land her in chains she can never escape.

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About the Author

K. J. Harrowick is a fantasy and science fiction author with a strong passion for blending grimdark worlds and futurist technology with threads of romance and revenge. She is the co-creator of Writer In Motion, contributed to the Science in Sci-Fi series , and was a panelist in the Write Hive online convention. With an unhealthy obsession for dragons, tacos, cheese, and beer, K. J. also works as a freelance web developer and graphic designer on a broad range of client projects before falling down the occasional rabbit hole.

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