Megan Van Dyke is a fantasy romance author with a love for all things that include magic and kissing. Many of her stories include themes of family (whether born into or found) and a sense of home and belonging, which are important aspects of her life as well. Megan also watched way too many Disney movies as a child, and adult, and has a deep love for fairytales and happily ever afters.

She began creating her own stories in elementary school, and has written on and off throughout her life. Despite this, she did not complete her first fiction novel until 2017. It was a trash fire, but it was that spark which grew into the flames of something magical and let Megan know she’d finally figured out what she was meant to do.

Megan is a former IT risk and security executive and current stay-at-home mom. When not writing, Megan loves to cook, play video games, explore the great outdoors, and spend time with her family. A southerner by birth and at heart, Megan currently lives with her family in Colorado.