Courts of Faery

Young women gifted with the ability to see the Fae find themselves entangled with the kings of various fae courts amid a brewing war that will change not only their fates, but entirety of the Fae realm. Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone; however, later books will spoil earlier ones in the series and are best read in order to follow the overarching conflict that spans across the series.

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A Gift for a Fae Warrior

Prequel Novelette

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Book 2.5 Novella

An optional but suggested novella that tells Galen’s POV during and after the climax of book 2.

Reimagined Fairy Tales

A new spin on classic tales set in a gaslamp romantasy world. While all books take place in a shared world and there are some minor crossovers between books, they can be read in any order without spoiling one another.

Peter Pan

The Ugly Stepsister cover

Cinderella & Snow White

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

Beauty and the Beast & The Phantom of the Opera

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SSTTL Epilogue 1

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SSTTL Epilogue 2

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TAC Epilogue

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The Stolen Empire

An enemies to lovers romance set in an epic fantasy world amid warring kingdoms. Held captive by a ruthless emperor to ensure her city’s obedience, Ilya has a plan to free her people: seduce the emperor’s captain, learn their secrets, take them down from within. But Lucien isn’t the monster she expected, and as Ilya unravels the emperor’s lies, Lucien begins to question on which side he belongs. Each will have to determine where their hearts and loyalties lie — if the emperor doesn’t kill them first. Additional books forthcoming.

Captive of the Stolen Empire

Book 1


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