Please read the frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered, please contact me using the form below or directly at


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I found a typo in your book.

    Thank you for being so attentive! My books have been professionally edited and proofed, but sometimes those typos still slip through. Please feel free to mention it in the contact form and I’ll see about getting it corrected.


    How can I be considered for ARCs or other early reading opportunities?

    Members of my facebook reader group are notified of any early/advanced reading opportunities and will get first dibs. You can also follow me on Instagram and keep an eye out on posts from me regarding ARC opportunities.


    Are your books available at libraries?

    Possibly! If your library does not currently have a copy of my book(s), you can request that they purchase a copy.


    Where can I get a signed copy of your books?

    I will be opening an Etsy story very soon. Check back for details.


    What’s the best way to stay up to date on news and updates related to your books?

    All major updates are shared via my newsletter which I send out once or twice a month. My Facebook Reader Group also gets all the news first, along with exclusive previews, teasers, and giveaway opportunities. Finally, you can also follow me on social media for real-time updates, book teasers, and more. I am most active on Instagram.


    Who should I contact regarding subsidiary rights inquiries for your books?

    For rights inquiries regarding books in the Reimagined Fairy Tales Collection, please contact City Owl Press. For inquiries on any other books, please contact me directly.


    I am interested in including your book in a book box or custom book shop.

    Great! Please contact me and let’s chat.


    How do you feel about fan art related to your characters and stories?

    I ADORE it! Please share it with me, as I would love to see it.