RevPit – Submission Weekend!

Submission weekend for the annual RevPit contest has finally arrived!  Not sure what RevPit is?  You can learn more about it on their website.

Before we jump into submissions, let’s talk a little bit about my RevPit journey so far:

I started participating in the RevPit community during their 10 Queries event earlier this year.  As part of that event, authors submitted their query letters and first 5 pages like we would for the annual contest.  Ten entry packages were randomly selected by each editor and then said editor reviewed the query letter and pages and provided feedback.  I was very lucky to be chosen to receive feedback in that mini contest.  Based on that feedback I was able to re-write my opening pages to make them much stronger than before.  However, the biggest thing I gained was community.

The RevPit editors are all amazing people, and so encouraging of young and aspiring authors!  I was also able to meet and connect with several other authors in a similar stage as me, and it has made this entire experience so much better!  The continual support, feedback, and guidance from these ladies has changed my world and made me a much better writer.  If I gain nothing else from this contest, I will already consider myself beyond blessed just for finding my writing tribe.

If you’re an author and have never been involved in RevPit, you’re missing out.  Activities happen throughout the year, so its never too late to get involved in this amazing community!

Now, onto submission weekend:

I woke up, brimming with excitement at 7am mountain time to submit my entry for the annual RevPit contest right when they opened.   The night before I’d prepped my submission materials (query, first 5 pages, and answers to the entry questions) so that everything would be ready and proofread once I woke up.   I’m so glad I did!   Yesterday evoked feelings of Christmas morning, but instead of running to the Christmas tree, I ran to my laptop to submit my work.

By 9:15 my submission was in and the waiting began.

It’s now noon on Sunday.  I’m still waiting to find out whether one of the two Editors I submitted two selects my manuscript (based on the query letter and first 5 pages) and asks for me.  The submission window is still open until midnight tonight, so it may actually be a few days before I know more.  I do not expect to be the one author than Editor picks to work with on their manuscript.  Being the ONE of our 100 seemed unrealistic to me.  However, I would love beyond words for an Editor to send me a request for full or partial pages.  That would mean that they saw something in my query and pages which intrigued them enough to want more, and that alone would be a huge win.

Only time will tell how things turn out!  I’ll post another blog post once I have more details and am free to share them.

Best of luck to all my fellow authors out there!