Cover Reveal: Bound to the Fae King

I am thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming novel, Bound to the Fae King!

This is book 2 in the Courts of Faery series and follows shortly after the events of book 1, A Bargain with the Fae King. However, this book is told from the perspective of a new character, Wren, and follows a new main couple. Many characters from book 1 will appear in book 2, along with a bunch of new ones as well.

Bound to the Fae King releases on January 31, 2023, and can be read as a standalone, but it will spoil some of the things that happened in book 1 if you haven’t read it.

The book will release wide in both e-book and paperback on January 31, 2023. However, after a week of wide release, the book will move into Kindle Unlimited. So, those wishing to purchase the e-book via a retailer other than Amazon should pre-order to make sure they do not miss the purchase window. The paperback version will continue to be available wide after the e-book moves into Kindle Unlimited.


Wren Dawson spends her days tending to her ailing grandmother and her nights bartending. Orphaned after her parents tragic death years ago, she’s taken on the mantle of the responsible one, trying to keep her splintering family together. Her dreams of travelling the world aren’t going anywhere, and life is great. Mostly.

When thieves rob her bar at closing time, Wren flees into the nearby forest to avoid becoming a grim headline. But her aimless sprint lands her in a whole different world and in the arms of a stranger—Sigurd, Fae King of Air. She’s the spitting image of his long-lost love, and he’s not about to lose her again.

Bound to Sigurd by his magical spell, Wren pursues the one opportunity she has to return home: enter and win a Faery competition where the winner receives a wish granted by the powerful fae cauldron. But Sigurd challenges her in a way no one ever has and sparks a desire she never saw coming. As enemies close in on the Court of Air from all sides, Wren is torn between two impossible choices: seizing victory and returning home, or standing by the side of the king who sets her heart on fire.