Ashara, Deathbringer

Title: Ashara, Deathbringer
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Age Group: Adult
Length: Novel
Status: Complete / Pending Potential Revision


After being sentenced to die for the healing magic in her blood, considered a curse by her people, Ashara is found by members of a neighboring tribe and given a choice: face a quick death or life in servitude to their chieftain. For a woman who expected to die, life is an easy choice, especially since she can embrace her magic and use it for good.

But the chieftain she’s bound to serve accuses her of a crime she did not commit and demands her life once again. Now her best hope for survival lies with the chieftain’s bastard half-brother Zuriel. Her magic saved his best friend’s life, and he’s determined to return the debt.

Attraction sparks between the two, but a rebellion threatens bloodshed. Zuriel and his crew of Deathbringers are the best defense the chieftain has against the uprising, and for that, the rebels want them gone. Ashara sympathizes with the rebels and wants the chieftain who called for her death removed from power. However, when that path leads through the man she’s come to care for and his band of warriors who’ve given her a home, she’ll have to choose between her heart and the cause she believes in.

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