RevPit Bio Hop!

I will be submitting to #RevPit this year, an annual contest where authors can win a full edit of their completed manuscript.   You can learn more about the contest at  In preparation for RevPit, I’ve joined with other authors to participate in the RevPit blog hop!   Be sure to check out some of the other amazing authors participating this year, and learn more about their work here.

The RevPit community is fabulously supportive and insightful.  I’ve learned so much from RevPit Editors and other submitting authors.  Not only has it helped me improve my current manuscript, but it’s made me a much stronger writer overall.   Even if I do not get selected as a contest winner, I absolutely will have won just be meeting this incredible people.   Thank you all for being a part of my journey!

My novel is a New Adult Fantasy Romance entitled A BARGAIN OF FEAR AND DESIRE.

College-student Lia Ashmore wanted one last happy summer with her family before facing her uncertain future.  But when an encounter with a shadowed man in the forest spawns a series of increasingly vivid and sensual dreams, Lia questions her sanity more than her future.

When her little sister May goes missing, Lia is certain her dreams and her sister’s disappearance are connected. Desperate to save May, Lia journeys to the world of Faery and strikes a bargain with the calculating Fae Lord Riven, the man, or rather Fae, from her dreams.  Riven will save May in exchange for the most valuable thing Lia has to offer—herself.

Behind the Scenes – My novel and I

This story started as one scene witnessed in a dream.  That scene grew, expanding out into more and more snippets which played out inside my head. One by one the characters introduced themselves to me, unveiling their lives, hopes and dreams, fears, insecurities, history, and even their world.   Soon it was much more than just a few scenes playing themselves over and over in my head, it was an entire story.   Even that was not enough.  The story spiraled out into a whole world of tales just waiting to be told.   These characters literally shouted at me to write their story, so much so that I could not even read other books until I got this one down on paper.  Every time I picked up a book (or clicked on my e-reader) I would be disappointed because the story I ultimately wanted to read was the one unfurling in my head.

I absolutely cannot wait to share this story with the world.  No matter how long it takes, or how many rejections I have to endure, it will happen.  I am confident of that.  This blog will chronical my journey to publication and everything that comes after.

As for a little bit about me:  I’m a southern girl who followed her dreams (and hubby) to Colorado in order to start a new life in the Rocky Mountains.  I live by the “work hard, play hard” mentality and spend my life giving my all to everything I put my mind to.    Spending time outdoors clears my head and seeds inspiration.  Cooking is my stress-reliever and my first love.  I never miss the opportunity to cook, bake, or come up with new recipes.   My cat Yuki is my fur-baby and the ultimate writing buddy, especially late at night (i.e. when I usually find extra time to pour my words onto the page).  Check out the rest of my blog for even more about me and my journey thus far.