Captive of the Stolen Empire

Coming SoonCaptive of the Stolen Empire

Release Date: November 12, 2023
Formats: e-book, paperback
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Age Group: Adults
Publisher: City Owl Press

Ilya has a plan to free her people: seduce the captain holding her hostage, source information for a growing rebel movement, and take them all down from within. But Captain Lucien isn’t the monster she expected, and as Ilya unravels the emperor’s lies, Lucien begins to question which side he belongs on. Each will have to determine where their hearts and loyalties lie — if the emperor doesn’t kill them first.

This enemies-to-lovers epic fantasy romance filled with warring kingdoms, magic, life-changing romance, and intrigue will appeal to fans of The Bridge Kingdom and The Serpent and the Wings of Night.

Coming Soon