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Tales of Galanthia Universe
Ilya's Gambit Ilya’s Gambit
Adult Fantasy Romance
*PitchWars 2019

Disposed heir on a quest to free her people falls for a master of illusion magic. But he’s the one who conquered her city, the man she vowed to destroy.

Ashara, Deathbringer Ashara Deathbringer
Adult Fantasy Romance

Magic is a curse, so people believe. But Ashara’s might give her the belonging she’s always wanted if she can choose who to aid: the rebel who saved her life or the fierce warrior who awakened her dreams.

Untitled Duology
Blood Song Blood Song
New Adult Fantasy Romance
*Contest Winner

When poor commoner Ceridwen is hired to play music for a reclusive noble, she never expects to fall in love with him… or that he’s the deadly monster who terrorizes their city.

Faerie Tales Trilogy
A Bargain of Fear and Desire A Bargain of Fear and Desire
New Adult Fantasy Romance

Lia traded her freedom to a Fae Lord to save her sister. Losing her heart to him wasn’t part of the plan. And when she’s given cause to question his motives, choosing who to trust could cost her life—and her sister’s.