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Tales of Galanthia Universe
Ilya's Gambit Ilya’s Gambit
Adult Fantasy Romance
*PitchWars 2019

Disposed heir on a quest to free her people falls for a master of illusion magic. But he’s the one who conquered her city, the man she vowed to destroy.

Ashara, Deathbringer Ashara Deathbringer
Adult Fantasy Romance

Magic is a curse, so people believe. But Ashara’s might give her the belonging she’s always wanted if she can choose who to aid: the rebel who saved her life or the fierce warrior who awakened her dreams.

Untitled Duology
Blood Song Blood Song
New Adult Fantasy Romance
*Contest Winner

When poor commoner Ceridwen is hired to play music for a reclusive noble, she never expects to fall in love with him… or that heโ€™s the deadly monster who terrorizes their city.

Faerie Tales Trilogy
A Bargain of Fear and Desire A Bargain of Fear and Desire
New Adult Fantasy Romance

Lia traded her freedom to a Fae Lord to save her sister. Losing her heart to him wasn’t part of the plan. And when sheโ€™s given cause to question his motives, choosing who to trust could cost her lifeโ€”and her sisterโ€™s.