RevPit – Wednesday Update

104 hours have passed since I submitted my entry into the RevPit contest.  Not that I’m counting or anything…

I linger on in painful silence, waiting with baited breath for an email to confirm my wildest hopes–an editor is interesting in my manuscript.  Each refresh of my inbox brings barely contained hope followed by hallow disappointment.  Nothing.  Not even the smallest of hints.  Twitter too tortures me.  Tempting me with 10 queries posts from editors that never saw my entry and couldn’t possibly be posting about it.  Yet each one excites me.  “Maybe its mine,” I whisper to myself, building my own agony despite the knowledge that its not.

By Monday I’ll know.  All will be made clear.  But can I survive the next 104 hours, or possibly even more, until then?  Only time, the cruelest of masters, will tell…



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